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Areas of Law

Downs, Beste & Blackson, LLC is experienced with a broad spectrum of legal representation. Please contact us directly if you have a legal dispute or active charge that extends beyond what is listed on our website or advertisements. Our main areas of practice include Criminal Defense, DUI, Divorce/Custody, Real Property Disputes, Civil Litigation, Estates & Wills, Bankruptcy, Guardianship/Adoption, Municipal Law, Juvenile Defense, Personal Injury, Traffic Violations, Elder Law, Wills & Power of Attorney, Contracts & Contract Law, Domestic Violence, Family Law, Child Support & Alimony, Father's Rights, Personal Offenses, Property Offenses, Participatory Offenses, Misdemeanor & Felony Charges. 
For consultation and more information, call Downs, Beste & Blackson, LLC at 410-398-0313
Downs, Beste & Blackson Areas of Law Practice
Attorneys serving Maryland: Cecil, Harford & Kent Counties.
Criminal / DUI / Traffic
(Adult & Juvenile)
Specializing criminal defense, including but not limited to DUI, fraud, tax assault, drugs, and other criminally-related charges.
Our attorneys are equipped to handle a range of misdemeanors, felonies, and juvenile cases.
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Financial crises can be one of the most stressful experiences one can encounter. Downs, Beste & Blackson are available to help you through both personal and/or business filings.
Know your rights so you can re-position yourself into a path toward financial recovery and freedom.
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Civil Litigation / Personal Injury
There is a spectrum of disputes that fall under civil litigation. Often many offenses cause damages that are eligible for civil compensation.
Learn how you can pursue monetary restitution in civil matters related but not limited to personal injury, alimony, discrimination, and debt settlement.
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Estates & Wills
Elder Law 
Despite knowing the importance of handling estates, we often underestimate the process. Downs, Beste & Blackson are well-versed in facilitating the needed details and documentation that are crucial for undisputed transfers of assets, the appointment of powers of attorney, and the execution of wills.
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Divorce, Custody, Guardianship & Adoption
Any process involving assets and children can become complex quickly and aggressively. Our attorneys use proven strategies to ensure the most seamless transition for all involved.
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Municipal Law
When representing public entities it is crucial to know the legalities down to the very letter of those laws.
Downs, Beste & Blackson has worked with several municipalities on Town, County & State levels to protect citizens' rights and the integrity of the elected officials who dedicate their efforts to the communities at large.
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